Different kind of Home | Travel

I’d like to think of myself as well traveled. Going away visiting new places, meeting new people. Its all fun; while at the same time being necessary. A new conversation typically goes along the lines of, first question – “Hi, how are you?” and the second, “Where are you from?” Its just a part of our lives.

“I’m from Scotland” – “very nice have you ever been up in the Highlands, Gairloch, Ullapool, Skye?”

I stood with a blank face and realised that although being from Caithness in the Highlands, I had never really seen that much of Scotland. This trip was about seeing more of where we are, being only a few hours away from anywhere on the mainland. It blew me away seeing how beautiful this place we live in really is. Lunch on the bank of a Loch, the stove whistling next to genuine silence. The clearest cleanest air imaginable.

Next time you consider a holiday abroad, think about an adventure at home.

Someday my reply to that question will be, “I’ve been to all those places, and they were all incredible.”

I shot a lot of the trip on 35mm film and a 120 6×9 camera. Digital and a phone was used too.

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