Late one night I was pondering of why I do what I do, what decisions have led to outcomes and why documenting things makes me feel alive. Friends are a huge influence in my life and I can’t be thankful enough for who really pushes me onto these things; without even knowing it. We all love looking at nice stuff, cool new blogs and the latest trends. All the things we derive inspiration from, but what really drives us in everyday terms, that push, that invisible want to achieve?

Im not quite sure what the answer to that is but I do know that doing what you enjoy, doing it often and surrounded by great people all make it that bit easier.

Claptrap Boutique | Portraits

Meet Claptrap Boutique, a fashion designer duo that love sustainable and eco friendly clothing. I really like that concept. We shot on a roof top in the center of Edinburgh, a first for me. These are a few of my favourites from the night, check out their clothing if you have a moment Claptrap

Different kind of Home | Travel

I’d like to think of myself as well traveled. Going away visiting new places, meeting new people. Its all fun; while at the same time being necessary. A new conversation typically goes along the lines of, first question – “Hi, how are you?” and the second, “Where are you from?” Its just a part of our lives.

“I’m from Scotland” – “very nice have you ever been up in the Highlands, Gairloch, Ullapool, Skye?”

I stood with a blank face and realised that although being from Caithness in the Highlands, I had never really seen that much of Scotland. This trip was about seeing more of where we are, being only a few hours away from anywhere on the mainland. It blew me away seeing how beautiful this place we live in really is. Lunch on the bank of a Loch, the stove whistling next to genuine silence. The clearest cleanest air imaginable.

Next time you consider a holiday abroad, think about an adventure at home.

Someday my reply to that question will be, “I’ve been to all those places, and they were all incredible.”

I shot a lot of the trip on 35mm film and a 120 6×9 camera. Digital and a phone was used too.